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We promise to listen to your concerns and provide you with honest and caring treatment options that fit your overall desires. At your initial examination and follow-up exams, we look at radiographs of your teeth to see if there’s breakdown of your teeth or bone loss. Radiographs are a key component to diagnosing dental disease which can sometimes be irreversible.

Our expertise is not only in treating cavities and diagnosing bone loss, but also in looking at the other systems involved in the oral cavity. As your dentist I have been trained to look at your mouth as the entry to your whole body. Having the pleasure of seeing our patients twice per year affords us the opportunity to intercept health problems that may be occurring. When we look in your mouth, we are also looking at risk factors for breathing disordered sleep and joint breakdown (Airway & TMD Assessments).

Based on our findings we will put together a well-trained team to help you have the best quality of life possible. Our true goal is to help our patients be as healthy as possible while enjoying going to the dentist.

Dentist visits can be difficult for some patients. Past experiences or a fear of the unknown can be daunting.

We understand your concerns and promise to provide an excellent dental experience with well-trained and knowledgeable team members who treat you like family.

We provide a relaxed and welcoming environment to help you feel at ease during your visit.
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